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[TB] Similar Threads with Pictures 1.0.1

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مساء الورد على جميع اعضاء منتدى شباب الرافدين rose.gif:smile-80-anim-gi:
Cardinia  من علي العراقي . وردة الأمل :  
مساء الفل والعسل اعزائي
علي العراقي  من علي العراقي :  
مساء الخير على جميع اعضاء المنتدى :smile-80-anim-gi:
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صباح الخير يا عراق

XF - فئة المنتج
اضافة برمجية
اضافة جميلة لاظهار المواضيع المشابهة بالصور بدلا من العنوان.
تفاصيل الاضافة:

Shows similar topics in the topic as illustrated or as a list.

Plug-in installation
Download the file and upload the contents of the upload folder to the FTP home directory.
Admin panel / Installable plug-ins> install the plug-in.
Admin panel / Options> add-in settings.
Allow user group permissions to the groups that you want to see the add-in.

Add-on features
Shows similar topics in the topic as illustrated or as a list.
Location selection: Under the first message or under the Quick reply box,
It only shows similar topics from the same forum or across the forum.
The number of similar topics to display can be selected.
The day limit can be set for similar topics to be displayed.
Forums that cannot show similar topics can be selected.
Illustrated view
It shows the first picture in the thread, the picture added as a plugin, pictures of Youtube and Facebook video.
If there is no picture in the subject, the picture set by default is displayed.
Responsive appearance.
In the illustrated view, the number of similar subjects (2, 3, 4, 5) to be displayed in a row in full screen can be set.
In picture view, picture or list view can be selected on mobile devices.
Show / show forum name on image can be set.
The default image url can be changed.
List view
In the list view, the subject's avatar or icon can be selected.
In list view: Forums, number of replies, number of views, date, show-display can be set.








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